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tufting gun
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Cut Pile Tufting Gun

Cut Pile Tufting Gun

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I've had such an overwhelming response to these that there is now a 5-6 day waiting period on orders. To be the first to receive them place your order and you'll be put on the waiting list.

This is an electric rug tufting machine that creates cut piles.

It has a variable speed dial and very easy to thread. It also has an adjustable pile height. This machine is easy to learn and use. 

Cut Pile Height Range (adjustable): .275 to .826" (7-21mm)

Speed Range: 5-45 stitches/sec and is adjustable

Weight: 3 lbs (1.4kgs), aluminum construction
Our instruction manual is included free and can be downloaded here. We don't offer physical copies as this only adds unnecessary garbage to your life.


Each tufting gun includes a set of replacement parts and a 30-day warranty including parts and labor. To extend your warranty add a one-year service labor to your cart.

See the difference in the cut or loop pile tufts by visiting our FAQ page.

Universal Voltage 100- 240 V   50 - 60 HZ
Depending on where you live the appropriate plug will be sent to you. Make your selection above based on the chart below. Learn more about plugs to see pictures here.
 Voltage Country Power cord type
110 v US, Canada, Mexico, Japan

A, B

220-240 v France, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia & Czechia

E, F

220-240 v  UK, Ireland G
220-240 v Denmark, Greenland K
220-240 v Switzerland J

Watson and Soule use this machine to create beautiful rugs: