Tuft your way to FREE yarn with Reflect Rewards!

Reflect Rewards


You can sign up here!

You can keep track of your Reflect Rewards here.

You can redeem your points or save up for rewards (a tote, a tee, yarn, etc.) in the Spend points section or redeem using the sliding scale at checkout. Our app currently lets you redeem points for rewards. Checking out through our website on a browser, allows you to redeem points for rewards AND use the sliding scale at checkout.

They expire a year after your last order!

So glad you’re already a customer! Yes, all pre-existing customers will be automatically enrolled in Reflect Rewards and given the points for creating an account. Your login and password is the same for our site as it is for Reflect Rewards. IF you ordered as a guest, you do not have a login and would need to register.

Oh no, time to create an account with Tuft the World! We will give points for the year of 2022 if you email your order number(s) to support@tufttheworld.com with the subject line: Reflect Rewards.

Unfortunately we can’t transfer points BUT you could ask for gift cards that would allow you to buy the product and get points under your Tuft the World account.

Only customers who log in to an account were given points for past orders. Do you have a Tuft account? This means you do NOT checkout as a guest. If you aren’t seeing your orders reflected, please email us at support@tufttheworld.com with the subject line: Reflect Rewards.

Members collect points with every purchase and by engaging with our social media (see Earn points section for more).

Points may take 5 business days to reflect in your account. If you are still having issues please email us at support@tufttheworld.com with the subject line: Reflect Rewards.

Reflect Rewards is a way for us to show our appreciation for returning customers. For each dollar spent at Tuft The World, you earn 5 points that go towards future discounts. Members also have the opportunity to earn extra points for things like following us on Instagram, liking us on Facebook, joining our mailing list, referring a friend, and even adding your birthday to your profile.

We're working on the Canada site, so hopefully by the end of the year this issue will be resolved.