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A general resource guide for buying everything you need for your rug tufting life. 


Note: Any yarn will do we just recommend these as a good start for high quality rug yarns. We advise you to have fun and test out lots of yarns. Yarns of all weights can be used. Thinner yarns can be run through the gun in multiple strands or combined with thicker yarns.

Tufting cloth:

We've searched high and low and have finally settled on a tufting cloth we can recommend for your tufting guns. It's available in our store here! This is a professional grade primary backing cloth used for rugs. It doesn't shred like monk's cloth does and has lines so it's easier to stretch it straight. 


After completing your tufting project glue must be applied to secure the yarn ends to the tufting cloth. Most glues will work including elmer's or PVA, but we've found Roberts 3095 carpet adhesive to be as good as any. 

If you like you can cover the adhesive with muslin, canvas or other fabric. Apply this when the adhesive is wet. Watch a video on our tutorials page.