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Will this work in countries that require 240 volts?

Yes, the AC/DC converter that comes with the machine can handle up to 240 volts AC (Alternating current). Household electrical power all of the world comes to your house as AC. The AC/DC adapter included with your tufting gun converts up to 240 volts AC power to 30 volts DC (direct current) needed for your tufting gun.

This type of convertor is found on many devices we use everyday like laptops and phone chargers

The only thing you need to complete the conversion is a plug adapter included with your gun.

Please note: The plug adapter include in the box does not convert voltage so will NOT work on all devices.


How long does it take for items to ship?

The loop and cut pile (blue handled versions) are in stock and ship same day. The industrial gun needs 5 days for processing before shipping.

In most cases your item ships via UPS ground. This means 1-2 days on the East Coast, 2-3 days in the middle of the country and 3-4 days for receipt on the West Coast.

For international shipping you'll simply select the type of shipping you like once you enter your mailing address.

How much does it cost to ship my tufting guns?

The best way to check shipping cost is to start the check out process. Simply add the item(s) to your cart and enter your shipping address. The shipping calculator will determine your shipping cost before you enter payment information.

Information about the tufting guns

What are the differences in cut and loop pile tufts?

Below is a short video demonstrating the difference in both of the piles using the tufting machines.

What size of yarn can be put through the tufting guns?

The tufting guns can handle a wide variety of yarns in many weights depending on the result you're looking for. Multiple yarns can also be put through the gun to create a thicker pile or striated affect. Keep in mind that thinner yarns run through the gun by themselves will create a thinner pile and the backing cloth will be seen. This can be adjusted by speeding up the gun itself or running more yarn.

Yarn weights that can be put through your rug tufting gun