COVID-19 UPDATE: We are still shipping worldwide!

COVID-19 Letter

A letter about our current times.

We wanted to address issues we've had in the last couple of months with delays in supplies and getting orders shipped. 

First I want to say thank you for supporting small business. We're so happy that we've been here to help support your crafting needs during difficult times. 

This has certainly been a crazy time for everyone. The short answer on cloth and machine availability is we always have it either in stock or very close. Here's why we've been out recently.

1. Covid orders. We've had an unprecedented amount of orders since mid-March. March was the busiest month on record, but April surpassed that by 30%. May surpassed April by 60%. We had so many orders in May it was more than January and February combined. Every order we place with our supplier is larger than we've ever placed and it's gone before it gets here. 

2. Delays in supplies. As you know there are global delays in shipping. What used to take 3-5 days to get cloth sometimes takes 2 weeks or even longer. People are at home ordering online and causing delays in deliveries. The entire system is clogged.

3. Lack of employees. Since March 14th our employees haven't worked in our facility helping fill and process orders and materials. My wife jumped in to help and I have one employee working remotely. We're doing our best, but sometimes things take longer than usual. 

Thank you for your patience. Stay safe and healthy everyone.

Best Regards,