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Info about the machines

Comparison chart

Will this work with 240 volt electricity?

What size of yarn can be put through the tufting guns?

What is the difference in the cut and loop pile

How do I change the pile height on the blue handled machines.

If I buy the loop machine can I cut the loops?

Materials and resources

Where can I find the tufting cloth?

Do I have to use tufting cloth or can I use another backing?

What size and kind of yarn can I use?

How much yarn do I need?

What's a good way to feed my yarn?

Where can I buy carpet sergers and sewing machines?

Do you know a source for monk's cloth in the UK?


What kind of payments do you accept?

Rug finishing

Do I need to glue the back of my rug?

What kind of glue can I use to finish the rug?

Rug finishing companies

Troubleshooting and maintenance

Cut pile machine isn't cutting

The blue handled machines won't turn off

The machine makes a high pitched noise and stops working

Cut pile machine cuts the cloth

Questions about the industrial tufters

What size of air compressor do I need?


How much does shipping cost?

When will my order ship?

Return policy

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